Microsoft Office is NOT your business system

This post is somewhat driven by a recent client whose business system consisted of:

  • An Access Database for Customer details
  • MYOB for Accounts
  • Excel for analysis and pricing
  • Word for invoices
  • A server for historical documents and
  • Crossed fingers, Blue Tak and SuperGlue holding it all together

The issues were many, and it was somewhat surprising that they had grown into a successful mid-sized business with this ‘infrastructure’.

The problems thrown up were:

  • Lack of business monitoring tools e.g. Dashboards, reports, alerts
  • Lots of manual processes
  • No single place to identify the ‘truth’
  • Lack of consistency
  • No true real-time view of the business, revenues or profits
  • Little was documented

There were benefits:

  • The business was very flexible, it could ‘whip-up’ a new process in a few minutes
  • Staff didn’t feel constrained by business processes
  • The managing director could get a feel for the business by walking around

So why did the MD start looking at ERP and CRM systems? Well he wanted to retire and sell the business – he could only do this with real data in real systems. The driver was not running his business, but getting the most value out of the sale of his business. His current systems would reflect badly in the due diligence process.

Does this sound familiar? Look at the Do You Need ERP Guidebook for more examples.




End of Financial Year Close Accounts are Ready – Right?

When you came in this morning and asked for the FY2011 final results your finance head pressed a button and the results popped out – right?

This means you can answer YES to the following:

  • All you have to do now is to get your accountant to audit and then sign-off the accounts?
  • Your sales targets go back to zero
  • New Sales targets are loaded in their Sales CRM systems
  • Your sales team’s compensation plans are automatically calculated
  • New Government legislation for HR systems now eg new parental leave rules
  • The company’s key metrics for this year’s strategic plan are loaded into the reporting dashboards

Answered NO to any questions?

One of the great benefit’s of ERP solutions are that the whole idea of the end of year ‘close’ can go away. The systems are right up to date, any day of the year – and today is not special!

Read more by downloading our Do you need ERP Guidebook and our rules on spreadsheets.