Roles in ERP

Roles based user interactions with an ERP are CRITICAL for its success in your business. You create a view for each user – to minimise clicks to achieve tasks. There are different views for accounts, service, sales, marketing and distribution.

Here are three videos on Microsoft Dynamics AX and roles that you can watch and learn about this important user productivity tool.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



People and Teams you need to Implement ERP

One of our readers suggested that I look and describe some of the “actors” involved in the ERP system. These are people who participate in the ERP processes and are assigned roles in the ERP system. I doing a bit more research on that, but in the meantime that prompted me to look at how a project team might be set-up.

Here is a quick look at various roles that can be assigned in the decision making process for choosing an ERP.

Project Team

  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Leader
  • IT Project Leader
  • Project Team Member
  • Subject Matter expert
  • Project Management

Project Sponsor

Champions the project – a member of the Senior Management Team (may be the CEO)

Removes roadblocks, and provides the resources, direction, and support needed to implement the project

Provides input and makes decisions as needed

Communicates support for the project to external and internal audiences

Project Leader/Manager

Serves as the key contact and spokesperson for the project

Leads the project, the project management team, and the core implementation team in meeting the project goals

Facilitates decision-making to ensure progress is being made on all tasks

Facilitates the development and execution of a communication plan

Escalates critical issues to the Steering Team or sponsors

Manages project tasks, resources, status reports, and deliverables

IT Project Leader/Manager

Serves as the key information technology contact and spokesperson for the project

Facilitates the information technology activities of the project

Participates on the project management team ERP solution.

Project Team Member

Participates on the team because of expertise, experience, and knowledge

Works together to accomplish team mission

Follows good team processes

Subject Matter Expert

Has a particular area of expertise; experience knowledge limited to a particular time frame in the project’s life cycle eg a supply-chain expert, or the HR payroll leader

Project Management Facilitator

Helps guide the team in using the project management processes

Helps teams accomplish goals

Group’s process expert

Project Scheduler

Maintains the project schedule

Participates on the project management team

Updates the schedule weekly

Provides reports to the team leader and sponsor

Analyses the effects of plan changes

Identifies and expedites critical path tasks throughout a project’s life cycle

These people are usually organised as a series of teams:

  • Steering Committee – key senior managers across the business
  • Project Management Team – keeps the project on time, on budget and on scope
  • Implementation Team – made up of core business and technical staff that drive the project
  • Functional Team *n – a number of teams focussed on a specific function in the ERP

I will delve into this area in a future post.