ERP Solution – Suite vs Standalone

There are many questions you may need to consider when buying an ERP. The main ones are:

  • Does it do what I need it to do?
  • Should I buy an on-site solution or a ‘Cloud” solution
  • Do I buy a standalone product or  commit to a suite

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Below are some ideas to consider:



An ERP suite will include a broad range of functionality for an entire busines all in a single package. A suite is unlikely to have a particular focus and will broad capabilities.

As suite’s become broader they also become more capable, particularly in the area of industry functionality. You will see that vendors may have created specialised capability for your industry. In addition, many of the larger suites are too large for an SMB, so a cut down and simplified version will have been developed.

The larger software vendors may also have other suites such as CRM. CRM suites can be integrated with these ERP suites.

Suite Vendors include:

  • SAP/SAP Business One
  • Siebel/Oracle
  • Netsuite
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Some ERP packages are specialised. They can be specialised in industries such as Mining, retail or asset management functionality. They may well call themselves “best of breed” compared to the generalised capability of a suite.

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