ERP and iPhone

What functionality would you expect from your ERP system for mobile staff?

Here is a good product to benchmark against. In this video we look at SAP Business One and how it works with an iPhone. Note down your key criteria and compare it with our ERP Checklist. If your business is B2B then its critical to engage with your key buyers via a mobile solution. Read why.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Video Series

If you are interested in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution then take a look at their video series ( 12 in total on YouTube) on what they were trying to achieve in the development.

Here is the first:


ERP Vendors – oracle

Many years ago Oracle bought PeopleSoft and JD Edwards with a grand plan to merge their ERP products with Oracle’s own, under the code name Fusion. After many stops and starts these have been announced and released this week at Oracle Open World.

The Fusion applications include

For more information visit their website. It appears that the CRM and HCM modules are also available as Cloud applications under the Oracle Public Cloud brand.


If you are considering Oracle applications, add them to your shortlist in our ERP Checklist to help evaluate them against the competition.


Registration opens for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Launch Events

This is one of the big new products in ERP in 2011. So mark the diary for September 8th 2011

Microsoft has just opened up their Global website for you to register for this free online event, where you can hear directly from Microsoft executives about the innovations they’re introducing, right from your own desk.

Attend the virtual launch event to:

  • Hear from Microsoft executives
  • See product demos
  • Listen to customers and partners
  • Watch product tours, based on your business, industry, or role
  • Collaborate with your peers through feeds and community forums
  • Chat with product experts and sales associates

All details and registration can be found on the Microsoft event site. Individual country events are also being announced, so revisit to see if your local subsidiary is running an event.

Roles in ERP

Roles based user interactions with an ERP are CRITICAL for its success in your business. You create a view for each user – to minimise clicks to achieve tasks. There are different views for accounts, service, sales, marketing and distribution.

Here are three videos on Microsoft Dynamics AX and roles that you can watch and learn about this important user productivity tool.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



ERP Functionality Videos

Sometimes, watching Product demonstrations can be a bit boring. Here’s a series of short videos on SAP Business One that are not too long.

MRP(Materials Requirements Planning)

Service Management


Banking & Cash



Sales Opportunities Functionality in SAP Business One

SAP Business One for Sales

Selecting an ERP is like marriage ( Video)

There are various ways to go out and select an ERP system.

In this short video, David Goad highlights the main options and the pitfalls for each. Worth 15 minutes of your time as it could save hours of heartache, or too much money.


SAP Business One Starter Package

In this video Richard Duffy gives an overview of the SAP Business One user interface and how simple it is to work with.


ERP Vendors – microsoft

This week in Atlanta, Microsoft are running their Convergence user conference.

The key announcement was that

the company revealed a path for its ERP customers to move to the cloud with the next major releases of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, which will run on the Windows Azure platform.

This means that the next version of Dynamics SL, GP, NAV and AX will be both available as Cloud and On-premise applications.

In addition Microsoft introduced Dynamics AX 2012. This is the high end Microsoft solution that competes with the likes of SAP and Oracle.

The beta of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will be released in April 2011. The final release is expected to be generally available in August 2011.

More information on this release is here.

In addition Microsoft announced that:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 is now generally available
  2. The On-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is now available ( you can have it on the cloud or in your own offices)
  3. Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 with improved integration with Dynamics CRM is available
  4. Dynamics GP 2010 R2 will be generally available on May 1, 2011

BI importance to the Mid-market

IBM have released a report looking at trends in the mid market.

The summary video is here and a link to the report below.

Paper Link to Global Report. Local reports will be coming out.

SAP Business ByDesign Video

SAP Business ByDesign is the new SaaS ERP system from SAP. Some debate if its too late, but knowing SAP, they will have thoroughly built a solid product.

Here’s a couple of promotional videos. Second one includes some idea of time and cost to implement.

Second video

SAP Business One Roadmap

Considering SAP Business One? Here’s a video( bit long) on the future of SAP Business One – as a standalone solution and also as a system for subsidiaries and remote offices to use.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Video

The ERP market has less product announcements than some other areas of the software market. So its always interesting to see a new product come out and to get some early looks at what is planned. In this case, here is a video on the plans for the next release of Dynamics AX. Its a business discussion, there are some technical resources also on the site.


Mobile ERP

A mobile workforce with access to information in real-time is key for “At the Coalface” credibility for sales and customer service staff. Here is an example from SAP and their Business One package. It looks at how they integrate with the iPhone and shows in a short demo the sorts of capabilities you may need – such as Business Intelligence and reporting.

ERP Collaboration

One of the negatives of early ERP systems was that getting information out was difficult – here is a Microsoft video on how they share data from the ERP out to Office and Sharepoint –  making it easier to get to the right decisions to keep sales growing.

We have highlighted Collaboration as a key requirement in out ERP-Checklist download.

SAP Business One Overview Video

A video looking at the key features of SAP Business One – version 8.8. Looks at enhancements, reporting and processesetc. Runs for about 40 mins. If this is a potential product for you to consider – add it to the ERP Checklist that can be downloaded.


ERP Vendors – sap

SAP All-in-one is the mid-sized solution from SAP. Whereas the BusinessOne product is for small business. They are based on different platforms and often with different resellers. The All-in-one product is more focused on delivering INDUSTRY solutions. This is partly through the All-in-one product set coming out of the same development base as the large business ERP product platform.

Microsoft Dynamics GP – Manufacturing Video

Microsoft Dynamics GP is aimed at manufacturing companies. Here is a video testimonial of one.

Why you need ERP – “The Office”

After his performance at the 2011 Golden Globes – here’s David Brent’s views on why “The Office” needs ERP – not too serious.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Video

Here is a testimonial video for the Dynamics GP product – done by the American Red Cross. Covers benefits and functionality.

Workflow in Netsuite

Workflow is one of the key benefits of improved processes coming out of ERP – here is a video on a Travel request within Netsuite. If this is important to you – add it to your ERP checklist – our starter template available here.

ERP Vendors – netsuite

Interested in Netsuite and use Gmail – here is a quick video on integration.

Netsuite Hairball Video

An amusing video that takes a quick slap at competing vendors.

Accounting in ERP with SAP Business One

The core reasons for utilising ERP packages include getting better (and faster) results to Financial and Accounting areas of the business. This SAP Business One video discusses these.

CRM integration with ERP

This video shows how SAP Business One offers CRM functionality within the ERP package for SME businesses.

An introduction to SAP Business One

Here is an introduction to SAP Business One. This is SAP’s solution for Small and Medium sized businesses. Medium sized businesses tend to move up to the All in One product and then the full ERP platform for large companies. – new from

Interesting move by to add www.database.comto their line-up. Basically a database to start building apps on. Its hosted in the cloud and seems to support most standards. They are still 100% focussed on CRM but attacking other vendors through initiatives like this. Possibly see ERP built on this platform……..



Plex Online are one of the leading lights of Cloud/On demand and SaaS ERP.

This video presentation held be Plex and including an Aberdeen analyst looks at the trends.

It loads a page that you click on to launch the video.