How we help

ERP-Guidebooks is designed to be a free service to help you choose the right ERP vendor for your needs. We provide you information and match you to relevant leading ERP vendors.

Our end-to-end process is

Our aim is to provide you a short-list of 3 vendors for you enquiry. You will note that our recommendations will usually consist of:

  • Large and Profitable software companies with
  • Large number of customers and an
  • Extensive range of partners and services options

We do this for some important reasons:

  • Choosing a ERP system is an important business decision with a 5-8 year expected system lifetime
  • Software companies only survive is they can grow their new customer numbers – it helps fund R&D for new functionality
  • They are more likely to be viable and still improving the products in 5 years than a small specialised solution

Our basic rules for when its appropriate to link you with a vendor are shown below.

If you have really specialised needs that you don’t think current systems support( in general), then give us a call and we’ll help work out a way forward for you.

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