ERP Supply Chain Solutions


Supply Chain is probably the most mathematical of the ERP functional areas. Its right that we should represent it then as an equation. But what does it mean?

As enterprises get bigger and business globalisation becomes the norm, the need to orchestrate your supply chain with that of your suppliers and customers increases.

What is SCM?

SCM is the management of multiple business processes starting from product planning and ending with delivery. A SCM system helps organisations develop processes that integrate their manufacturing activities with logistics.

What is SCP?

Supply Chain Planning(SCP) contains mostly Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and demand planning. The system takes into account short- to long-term planning horizons and uses advanced mathematical algorithms to optimise and simulate the business processes from demand planning to production planning/scheduling to distribution planning to transportation planning. The application works as an umbrella covering the organisation’s entire supply chain and manufacturing processes.

What is SCV?

Supply Chain Visibility(SCV) contains all the collaboration, analytics, monitoring, business intelligence, and cross-functional aspects across the supply chain and ties together the point-solutions into a coherent whole.

What is SCE?

Supply Chain Execution(SCE) contains domains such as Warehouse Management Systems( WMS) which are closer to execution than planning in nature.

Different industries need different capabilities in  their Supply Chains – and some SCM packages will be stronger than others. You can buy an SCM system from a different vendor than the ERP system.

Tools and Resources

Download the ERP Checklist for more functional SCM details and time saving checklists