ERP as an HR Management Solution

The ERP platform you choose will often support your organisation’s human resources (HR) and payroll needs. Most vendors will supply a HR solution, but Payroll is often a different story. The complexity of payroll legislation changes means that some vendors only provide an export to payroll software. Please note if you are specifically looking for Payroll functionality, then please note it in your survey answers when downloading a Guidebook.

We have broken down the HR/Payroll functions into 17 comprehensive areas. To save you valuable  time – they are available for download in the ERP-Checklist Guidebook.

HR software can give employees self-service access to information about performance, payroll, benefits, and career path from your company’s web portal. You can adjust HR processes to changing business needs, ensure compliance with government requirements, and simplify administrative tasks. Human Resources software is critical in service organisations, where people and projects need to be linked to ensure that the service is delivered.

HR software can save time with payroll direct deposit, give you access to employee data at any time, and integrate with general ledger, project management, and bank reconciliation applications. You can also minimise the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruitment, and performance management.

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