SAP Business ByDesign due very soon – here come’s the 800 pounder

An elephant’s gestation time is about 22 months – quite a bit less than SAP Business ByDesign has been in a controlled release phase. Well for client’s in Australia, New Zealand, India and China the wait may be nearly over! Local APAC Chief Steve Watts has announced a Q3 Release Date.

But with the release of ByDesign the 800 pound gorilla or ERP vendors will enter the market.

Local pricing has not been released but US pricing is $149/user/month –  which means that you have one common interface performing at least 80-90% of all your business functions including CRM, HR, MRP and ERP.

The market for the product is twofold:

  • large companies that are running SAP products and want a low cost on-demand solution to run their subsidiaries
  • 10-50 person businesses – or SMB’s with an pretty extensive ERP solution

The key to success is SAP’s Partner/Reseller strategy. This will be for two key reasons:

  1. Adding functionality that the core product does not
  2. Market access to SMB’s

SAP has a rich history at partnering well at the top end with SI’s and consulting firms but it has had a relatively restricted channel strategy for SMB’s. This has been by choice and may have restricted the opportunities for the current low-end SAP product BusinessOne.



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  1. chris says:

    ByDesign is already available in China since its launch.
    Also SAP sells its solution Business One (for small business) only through partners (no direct sales at all).
    But good to hear ByDesign will finally be available in Australia etc

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