Big Guns of Cloud Plans for Australia

Every Systems Integrator in Australia is busily launching their ‘cloud’ plans – including HP, IBM and Fujitsu. Applications vendors have also entered the fray with Oracle to host their CRM on-demand solution locally – initially for Government.

The key selling points are better local customer service, local storage and faster performance. Local storage is very important to many companies. This is a key trend in the ERP market and covered in our ERP Trends Guidebook.

There are various models with Macquarie Telecom launching their IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) service under the “Ninefold” brand.

At a recent CloudCamp in Sydney it was openly discussed that the tow “Big Guns” of the IaaS market are expected in this market in the next 18 months or so. Both Rackspace and Amazon EC2 are slated.


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