ERP Systems – Size of your Business

There are a number of ways we can help you on this site. This section looks at the Size of your Business and choosing the right size of solution and scope of solution. You should read it in association with “Simple ERP”. The size of your business is an important input into understanding the best solution.

There are systems designed for large companies and there are solutions designed for small business. For example, a system such as a Cloud ERP is designed for either a small business or a department in a larger company. These are designed and built ‘from the ground up’ to handle small to large numbers of users.

On the other hand, some ERP systems are designed specifically for large business. The overhead of these systems is such that it would be uneconomical to use in a small business.

For example, a small Business would not use a SAP Business Suite ERP but could consider Microsoft Dynamics. Vendors such such as SAP have different products such as Business One with functionality to fit into these small business segments. So make sure that you are buying the ‘right-sized’ application for today and future needs.