Welcome to ERP-Guidebooks. We are here to help you learn and understand the key elements of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) a major Business Software category. We aim to help you understand and answer the when, where, why and how questions associated with ERP for your business.

The focus of this site is ERP software and systems. The intent is to help you understand how the technology can help you improve your business through automation. We will look at business benefits of ERP systems, and will try to steer clear of too much technical detail( we will leave that for the vendors and other gurus.)

This website is made up of ‘plain English’ descriptions of a variety of ERP terms. Each section then has a “Guidebook” or Buying Guide that can be downloaded and provides more information. We also provide some examples of vendors that supply products in these areas.

We have various sections to keep you up to date with the latest news and we welcome your comments. Please respond to our news and blogs or if you want to contact us directly, please feel free to do so.

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